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Patchwork Farms Little Mr.B


 Foaled: April 7, 1999


Sorrel Pinto 

Sire: Honeycreek Adnois

Dam: Rolling Ridge Ruffian


"Mr.B" = the start of Mini Blessings Farm.  While working at a farm where they kept their full size horse, Katie fell in love with a brown eyed boy.  He was a little rough and tough but, once he saw and felt the love that Katie had for him he lowered his wall and the relationship grew and grew.  


To hear someone say "this horse needs a job" may sound a little funny to some, but for "Mr.B" this was nothing but the truth.  Katie started the training process by earning trust.  With a lot of grooming, attention, love, respect and trust, training began.  Once trust was earned they began lunging, free lunging and voice commands..  These two were bonded and nothing was going to tear them apart.  He would do anything she said.  He was so happy to work, ears were always forward and he always had a joyful expression.


After earning trust and learning voice commands "B" was ready to have the harness on.  The first time Katie put on the harness you could see absolute excitement from both of them.  Where they were boarding there was a beautifully groomed track.  Once he understood and respected the bit Katie ground drove him around the track.  For days "B" would be trotting and Katie following, holding the reins and telling him what a wonderful boy he was.  Katie was borrowing a harness to train him and she didn't have a cart- so together they trotted around and around that beautiful track.


It was Christmas time and Katie was hoping that her gift would be a new cart so she could hitch "Mr.B"  and finally drive!  Sure enough, Christmas Day came and when Katie found what her mom had given her she was elated!  It was a wooden easy entry cart!  Since there was snow on the ground making it was quite hard to drive on the track and  the cart would scare the horses in the indoor arena "Mr.B" was first hitched in the farm driveway.  After a couple of exciting loops around the driveway "Mr.B" and Katie were off.  The farm was on a quiet New Hampshire road, so they drove up and down that road for hours.  "Mr.B" never spooked or wanted to stop, he was happy working, especially with Katie.  He would glady take a break when people would come out of their houses to say "hello" or give him a big hug-  Everyone loved "Mr.B".


Once spring came and Katie was eager to show "Mr.B" in some local shows.  So, Katie body clipped "B" and polished his hooves.  She cleaned her harness and polished her cart.  They first showed at Silver Heels Riding Club where they won many blues and eventually 2004 year end Driving Champion.  Katie was also excited to show "Mr.B" in 4H Driving.  It was that year "Mr.B" and Katie qualified to show at the 4H State Horse Show and won the Driving title!  These two were unstoppable and inseparable.


They went on to show in many other local shows for several years and won many day and year end awards including


Champion Driving, Obstacle Driving, Halter Obstacle & Showmanship

Reserve Champion Jumping


In 2011 Debbi and Katie decided that after many years of successfully showing at the local level they were going to show at the AMHR National show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


It was a cool night in May 2011.  Katie went out to feed the horses.  Everyone was munching on their food except for "B".  Something was seriously wrong; he never missed a meal.  After giving some medications with no change Katie called the Veterinarian.  Upon arrival "Mr.B" was not looking good at all.  He was given fluids and more pain medications.  Nothing was helping.  The only thing left to do was take him to a referral hospital.  The trailer was hitched and "B" was inside.  Katie and her boyfriend were off and praying that something or someone could save her precious horse.  


They arrived at the referral hospital and "Mr.B" looked worse than before.  After numerous tests, radiographs and ultrasound there was nothing that was going to save "Mr.B"...not even surgery.  He was humanly euthanized beside his number one fan and partner. 


"Mr.B" you were an amazing horse, partner and most importantly my best friend.

He didn't make it to AMHR Nationals but, "Mr.B" was there cheering us on.


You are the reason we have this farm and why I love horses and animals of all shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter how far apart we are because I know you will always be with me.  You were so trusting and your love was never-ending .  You can't ever be replaced or forgotten.  Rest in Peace "B"- We love you always and forever


4-7-99  ~ 5-21-11